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Resolving mental health distress once and for all, one person at a time in the Redlands, Brisbane Bayside, and surrounds, in the most professional and compassionate manner.

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For Mind Body Resolutions and TRTP™ to become the number 1 go-to Hypnotherapy clinic for professional and personal referral regarding mental health freedom in the state of Qld.

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Mind Body Resolutions is a Complex Trauma, PTSD, weight loss and quit smoking specialist hypnotherapy clinic in Thornlands, Redlands, (Brisbane) Qld.

Your Redland’s Trauma Therapist

Rachael’s passion for wellness stems from receiving a diagnosis of ‘an incurable disease’ that, at the time, cost her just about everything. With determination and persistence few could match, Rachael studied the brain for 5 years, earning herself Master’s Degrees in Hypnotherapy (2018), Advanced Diploma in Neurolinguistics and Life Coaching (2017), as well as becoming a practitioner in Time-Line & Trauma Therapy TRTP™ (2020).

With what first seemed like a physical quest, very soon became a personal realisation that the Mind and Body are deeply connected. Having experienced a Spiritual, and Kundalini awakening in the midst of her healing journey, she is no stranger to adversity and knows what the brain requires to be free of it. Rachael is living her dream career, now facilitating others on their healing path with incredible results. As a mentor and coach since 1993, Rachael has trained children and adults to achieve their best for nearly three decades. Her passion for brain re-training has led to a deep desire to see those around her flourish.

Rachael has extensive knowledge of trauma in all its variants through lived experience of her own. She understands that no two clients are the same and is deeply intuitive.

Rachael also specialises in Neurolinguistics (NLP) which is a field of study related to what we say and why we say it. Beliefs create how one is feeling and thinking. Change your beliefs, and you change your world. Rachael is trained in Time-Line therapy and has a host of tools to choose from that will give you the best outcome. She can also assist with allergies, phobias, OCD and different aspects of one’s psycho-behaviour. Further to this, Rachael is a dedicated personality profiler. What works for one personality is absolutely NOT guaranteed to work for another! Rachael takes this into account in all of her sessions and will make you feel very safe at all times.


  • GDBA
  • Masters in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching;
  • Adv Dip in NLP
  • Qualified Hypnotherapist
  • Trauma (TRTP™ ) and Time-Line Therapist
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Working with Rachael has been an answer to prayer for me.  After years of ill health and anxiety, she is giving me skills and information, which are creating new brain pathways and helping me to get my life back. I have made progress every day since I met her. She is a wonderfully supportive coach and having walked the walk, knows exactly what she is talking about.

EMMA - 39yrs Brisbane, QLD
EMMA - 39yrs Brisbane, QLD

I just finished my third TRTP session with Rachael and feel much calmer even though it’s that mad time of year. Her gentle, straight to the point (root of the issue) manner was much appreciated. I felt listened to and heard and was able to deal with the past in a way that didn’t require me to explain my story. Amazing how this works and to see the subtle changes unfold each day. Recommend anyone who is holding onto past resentments, is triggered by certain people or events or is suffering from anxiety or other stresses, books in with Rachael as soon as you can.

DON - 59yrs Canberra, ACT
DON - 59yrs Canberra, ACT

I developed severe hay-fever many decades ago which seemed to come and go for a few years depending on the triggers. After I had 1 session with Rachael, I was completely hay-fever free and remain so. I don’t expect it to return, but if it does, I now have the tools to be able to deal with it at the subconscious level. Rachael’s compassion for other’s struggles is expressed in her voice – calming and healing.

NARELLE - 70yrs Brisbane, QLD
NARELLE - 70yrs Brisbane, QLD

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