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Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Have you tried multiple approaches to weight loss without sustainable outcomes and results? The reason why diets and other weight loss routes may not have been successful for you could be because of what is driving the over-eating and choices you are or are not making. What is going on in your brain will never be able to be resolved by a diet or shake.

At Mind Body Resolutions, you will have a revolutionary experience because Rachael can assess what each client requires, individually.
The mind believes what we richly imagine. Whilst no surgical knives are used in this process, you will be guided through a Gastric Band Surgery by the impeccable and safe guidance of Rachael via hypnotherapy.

Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis | Redland's Hypnotherapist

What happens in a Lap-Band Surgery?

Your 1st Session:
Rachael will take a thorough case history of each client, and explain the process, in full. She will advise on suitable preparation for the hypnotic surgery and what that involves so that you are armed with knowledge and will have the best outcome in the second session. All dietary and preparation information is to be taken as advice only.

Your 2nd Session:
You will turn up to the second session by all intense and purposes as if you are about to undergo surgery.  Here in the second session, you will be guided into a deep trance, and hypnotically, a pouch will be placed at the top of your stomach to reduce food intake.

Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis | Redland's Hypnotherapist


After two sessions, you can expect the stubborn weight to reduce and your meal portions to be smaller. Food choices and eating habits can be changed permanently, and life can take any direction you want it to go. Why? Because not only will your body believe that you have a reduced capacity for food, but you will be strongly empowered mentally.
This is fundamental!

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I have had weight issues on and off throughout my entire life starting from a traumatic event in childhood. I went to see Rachael from Mind Body Resolutions and she cut to the chase in two sessions with great knowledge and masterful hypnosis. The Gastric Band operation was sensational – and I went into the deepest relaxed state I’ve ever experienced. Since that time, I no longer binge eat, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful healthy life and I can now fit into my favourite skirt! Rachael was gentle, compassionate and kind throughout the process. Her knowledge and skill-set are superb. Rachael’s facilitation was absolutely extraordinary. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.

Margie (70) – Brisbane, Qld