As a trauma therapist, when I look at my clients sitting in front of me, I see a lot of hurt. The kind of hurt that can shut down immune systems for decades, keep one’s gut suffering from sensitivities and IBS, ruin sleep and energy levels on a daily basis for years and years, to name but a few. The sort of hurt that can exist as low-grade depression and anxiety, to the fully housebound, too afraid to leave their homes. I see a lot of pain – both physical and emotional, and naturally, mental anguish. I see it all over their faces and their posture.

It isn’t the sort of pain that is fresh either. This pain, is deep-rooted pain. It’s a level of pain that has had to be suppressed, for sheer survival. For, if one tapped and felt into this pain, it could almost be too much to bare. This pain is usually from injustices dealt towards my clients, sometimes, of horrific proportions. This pain, handed down from their abusers, who themselves, were no doubt projecting their own trauma. After all, hurt people, hurt people.

If you have been on the receiving end of any type of abuse, neglect or bullying etc, you could possibly be resonating with this type of pain. And my heart goes out to you, but, is also excited for you, as I am going to share a journey of hope.

In the first session, my clients are frail. Even the guys. The big guys too. Some of them, can even appear quite intimidating. These people have had years of abuse in some instances. Mostly, since a small child. And, their ‘intimidation’, is all they have known, for survival. Then, there’s the timid souls, almost too afraid to speak.

Their faces are usually greyish, with, very little behind the eyes. Smiles? Generally, not at the start. I wish I could take photos of my clients to show them – for, by the third session, just how very different they look. Instead, I do the smiling, because I know that in a matter of a few sessions, there is a 96% probability, that they will have a successful outcome, also. And I hold that intention for each and every one of my clients.

These clients are usually agitated. They can even appear afraid, as I see the questions percolating inward. “What are you going to make me do”? I understand it, after all, I too was there once. I have reassured my clients that this is non-retraumatising, but at the start, I understand that their overprotective brains, can’t fully trust that.

But my clients do trust me enough to follow a process called TRTP™ and, they give it their all. The truth is, if they don’t, I stop the sessions. For, there will be no outcome unless they engage fully. Does this mean that they still won’t have racing and sabotaging thoughts? Oh yes, I assure you that they will – for this is their reptilian brain doing what it has done, for no doubt years, keeping them safe.

Session 1

Let’s fast forward to the end of session one. Their breathing has deepened. There is a sense of calm and peace, often reported for the first time in years. I see a gentle smile, a parting of the lips and they bid me farewell, with an introduction of something that they will take to their graves. This gift is one brand-new relationship. This relationship is the most important that they will ever have in their lifetime. With whom is this relationship? It is with themselves. This relationship, often brand new, is one of the reasons why this process works.

Session 2 

The second session arrives, usually one week later. I observe a slightly more elongated facial profile. The tension has dropped from their cheekbones, and there has been a reduction in fear, mostly dissipated from their eyes. There’s a little more colour in their skin but there’s still uncertainty. After all, I have told my clients, that here in session two, we completely turn off the emotional distress of the past.

By the end of this second session, I hear seven words that my clients often report, that changes the trajectory of their lives. Those seven words that I will never, ever take for granted the magnitude of their vocalisation. Those seven words that allow my clients to get on with the rest of their lives, anxiety, depression and trauma free. Those seven words are: “I don’t hate them, I nothing them”.

Session 3 

Another week passes, and it’s the day of the final session, where I greet my real clients for the first time, for sitting before me, are the truth of who they are. Not a frail shell, or an apology for taking up my time or clinic space. I see confident, empowered, excited individuals. Where once, I saw fear, I now see hope and anticipation. I see gratitude for holding their hands through the other side of such deep traumatic pain. And, lastly, I see eagerness for even more change to occur at the subconscious level. After all, these clients have felt peace, calm and usually deep sleep for the first time in decades. They want more, and together we finish the final session.

After the third session, as we part ways, I tell them that I will check in on them in a month’s time. I look forward to hearing what wonderful pursuits they have embarked on, and for the last time, I retest their level of depression, anxiety and stress levels. I don’t have to wonder, hope or keep my fingers crossed if this process has worked for them, for it is the kind of process that rewires the subconscious negative programming and beliefs, where life CAN and actually DOES get better. I hear about new jobs, relationships, careers and adventures.

This is where my clients go out and experience the life that they had only once dreamed of, doing those things that they never thought possible, and they get to enjoy it all with whom they choose. Albeit, with their loved ones, or by themselves, life becomes ‘their choice’ instead of life choosing for them.

When my clients experience the return of their true locus of control, and live each day as an empowered individual, as their practitioner, I file their paperwork with a gentle smile. A feeling of deep satisfaction with seven words ringing in my mind as I account their successful experience….

” I don’t hate them, I nothing them”.

If you have had distressing events in your past, suffer from PTSD, C-PTSD, or the myriad of symptoms that are stopping you to live at your full potential, email Rachael Doolan at Mind Body Resolutions today. TRTP™ isn’t talk therapy.

Rachael is a dedicated Neurolinguistic Programmer, Hypnotherapist and Trauma Specialist (TRTP™) living in Thornlands, Brisbane. She has a passion for teaching her clients how to re-wire the synaptic pathways in the brain by encompassing the Mind & Body Connection and ridding debilitating conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and C-PTSD once and for all with a delicate but incredibly successful & powerful 3-4 session process. Rachael is proficient in the language of the unconscious mind.
Rachael is also diligent in Soul Evolution and Self-Realisation, and is living her purpose of leading others to freedom from the constraints of their mind and past. This comes, first and foremost, from successfully transcending her own 3 decades of C-PTSD & traumas, as well as showing great determination to heal 17 years of chronic Lyme disease. Transformed people transform people.