Have you heard of the term ‘your Inner-Child’ or perhaps ‘your Higher-Self’?

There is a meme I read a few years ago that still brings a smile to my face. It goes like this. “You’re never too old to parent your Inner-Child”.

Why is this so true?

Because I do not believe that we are a 1-part being. In fact, as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I tap into both my client’s Inner-Child and Higher-Self daily, for their ultimate freedom. Why? Because that is where the permanent healing comes from.

It is the coming together, the unification and integration of these very real parts of us that bestows the healing.

Not too long ago, I authored an article on our inner parts – and how we are an ecosystem of these parts playing out daily, depending on what part decides to be louder on any one particular day.

I would like to simplify this even further.

There are always these 3 pivotal parts within us, running the show. Us, our Inner-Child and our Higher-Self. But when these parts run separately of each other, you can expect a life that is uphill. Arduous, full of conflict with others and indeed, with-in.

This concept is not new. It goes back to the early Catholic churches who described the Holy Trinity as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This Trinity is indeed alive, however they aren’t outside of us, they are inside of us. I would humbly reword the Father as us, the Son as our Inner-Child, and our Higher-Selves as the Holy Spirit.

Now, that might challenge a lot of you, and I recognise that struggle.

But let me describe it this way. What if you were to look at the Body, Mind and Soul as this healing Trinity? The Body is Us, the Mind is our Inner-Child, and our Soul is our Higher-Self.

Or you might be familiar with the term, our Consciousness, Sub-Consciousness and Super-Consciousness?

It does not matter what term you use as it the one and same thing. But what you give your power to – is very much dependent on whether you are flourishing or stuck in fight, flight, freeze or fawn mode to name a few. For ease, let us call that ‘survival-mode’.

I know a thing or two about survival-mode. At my worst, I was stuck in a dark room for the first 8 years of my son’s life, unable to walk to the bathroom or kitchen at times to take care of myself, let alone him. I have a disease called Lyme disease which saw my family drive me to see Doctor after Doctor, Naturopaths, Gene Specialists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and many, many more, while swallowing about 80 supplements a day as one of those pills had to work, right?

No. They didn’t. And of course, they were all making me worse, until I had my last nervous breakdown, and subsequently found the help that I was seeking. Me.

I was giving my power away.

The power lies within you. It always has and it always will. One’s Inner-Child could be screaming to be healed, via the power of your Higher-Self. Your Body could be begging your Mind and Soul to get you out of this pain. Your Consciousness could be pleading with you, to address what is stuck in the Sub-Consciousness via the power of your Super-Consciousness.

When your Body, Mind and Soul work as a team, and can integrate via innovative technology, you can expect miracles. If you are unwell, I implore you to seek treatment where the therapist shows and guides YOU to take your power back, permanently. This is where your sovereignty lies. Your supreme power of authority and healing. YOU. Sometimes we just need to be shown the tools.


If this resonates with you or you know of someone who could benefit from this integration, e-mail Rachael Doolan from Mind Body Resolutions, via https://mindbodyresolutions.com.au.

Rachael is a dedicated Neurolinguistic Programmer, Hypnotherapist and Trauma Specialist (TRTP) living in Thornlands, Brisbane. She has a passion for teaching her clients how to re-code the synaptic pathways in the brain by encompassing the Mind & Body Connection, empowering your belief system and ridding debilitating conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and C-PTSD once and for all with an incredibly successful & powerful 3-4 session process. Rachael is proficient in the language of the unconscious mind.

Rachael is also diligent in Soul Evolution and Self-Realisation and is living her purpose of leading others to freedom from the constraints of their mind and past. This comes, primarily, from successfully transcending her own 3 decades of C-PTSD & traumas as well as showing great determination since 2004 to holistically heal chronic Lyme disease.

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