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Ever tried to stop a bad habit but found that you just couldn’t? That is because it is exactly that – a HABIT formed by your brain! Did you know that nicotine isn’t actually addictive? Ever heard of somebody being addicted to nicotine patches? Our brains are wonderfully malleable organs but they are simply pattern-finding machines. Learn how to permanently re-wire the thoughts and behaviours using neuroplasticity and hypnosis.
Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Breathe easier and restore damage to lungs
  • Enjoy a happier and healthier life
  • Live longer and be here to see your grandchildren grow
  • Have more money to spend on the things you need and want
  • Not smell or taste like nicotine
  • Eliminate your smoker’s breath and stop ruining your teeth and fingers
  • Not feel the cravings that make you want to smoke
  • Be a proud non-smoker and an inspiration to others

At Mind Body Resolutions, you are not just a number. You are a unique person, with unique needs and a unique set of belief systems. Rachael does not believe in a one package suits all approach. Rachael is a thorough clinician, and will tailor a two-session program a little bit differently to most hypnotherapists. She looks at the underlying beliefs and behaviours that are responsible for putting the cigarette into the mouth and replaces these beliefs and behaviours, as THIS is what drives one’s smoking addiction, not nicotine. Each session will go for roughly two hours. It is not uncommon that the second session is not required but useful to cement the new neurology and to address other possible underlying issues. Your best outcome is Rachael’s priority.

What are the costs:
Contact Rachael today and she will organise an initial 20 minute consultation to discuss the process and give you some preparation tasks.

The first, and second session if required, are $495 AUD each.

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In 1 session of hypnotherapy facilitated by Rachael from Mind Body Resolutions, I kicked a 20 yr smoking addiction! It’s been 9 months since I had that session and smoked my last EVER cigarette.
I have my health back, $ is in my wallet and a bunch of other lifestyle improvements knocked on.
I believe the standard time is 1-2 sessions but together we nailed it in 1 – Rachael from Mind Body Resolutions is the best of the best. I am stoked and grateful.

Troy Gibson (42), Ipswich Qld